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    Sculpture School


Erika is excited to start a new sculpture school at her studio.

Her classes are designed to accommodate all levels from experienced to beginning artists. 

Erika's experience and career encompass the period from 1990 when she first created figurative sculptures to today. She has exhibited extensively, and her work is in numerous national and international collections.  

She is a professional educator BA Education; BA (hon) Art, and  PgCert Philosophy. Erika has inspired many students, as you can see on the Student Testimonials Page.

Workshops and Classes 2023 

Class Dates:   Sculpture Portrait 

For upcoming classes, please contact Erika on:                                                             

1.  Portrait Sculpture      


Gaze and Expression.

Using air dry clay to create a beautiful portrait sculpture 


Create lifelike and profound portraits in clay. During a three-day workshop participants will learn to successfully create physical harmony and expression, while balancing techniques, and creativity.


Working from photographs students will develop skills such as

  • measuring proportions and placement

  • modelling the facial features eyes, ears, nose etc.

  • visual and tactual acuity

  • responding with a sculptor’s sensitivity to form, subject and material

  • Learning the techniques of finishing clay sculpture

Erika will lead participant through the anatomical study of the skull and individual features to create expression and narrative.

Over the course students will gain fluency in the handling of clay and a visceral understanding of the human face. 


 All workshop are open to all levels of experience




Lesson and Registration Information


The workshops will run for 3 consecutive days. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

From 10 am to 4 pm including 1 hour lunch

Fees include tuition, take home instruction manual.

Air Dry Clay, Clay-tools and armatures are available for use during the workshop.

Fees for the workshop are below: 

One workshop three days: $450  


Lunch: Please bring a plate.  Thank you  

Drinks: Coffee, assorted teas and filtered drinking water are provided for 


Please email:

If you have any questions please contact me on

0413 643 646  or

Workshops fill quickly so we recommend that you call or send an email to check availability.



Payments are to be made via cash or direct transfer 

On Registration please pay a deposit of $100


14 days before the commencement of the workshop

Please pay the remaining $ 350

Deposit is refundable on cancellation 14 days prior to the workshop. 

Please select your nominated days when you register.

For direct transfers:   BSB: 066505  ACC: 0014 6731

Numbers per class 

To ensure that the workshop is a personal experience and that students get most of the experience. Each class will have no more than six students.

Workshops 2022

Class Dates:  Sculpture Portrait

For upcoming classes, please contact Erika on:  


Optional specialised workshops

On request participants will have the opportunity to have personalised special and unique workshops. These include silicone rubber mould making and art resin casting. 


Erika is fully vaccinated, for confirmation, please view the attached PDF document. The studio will be implementing the correct procedures and measures to ensure the space is following guidelines. We will ensure good hygiene, areas available to wash your hands and areas that follow physical distancing requirements.

         Participants Sculpture Portraits 

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