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Casting Workshop

Creating sculptures from sun-dried clay, cold cast bronze and chocolate.

Erika Mayer INDIAN NUDE Cold Cast Bronze 

22cm height

Erika Mayer INDIAN NUDE Chocolate Sculpture 

height 22cm

Silicone Rubber Mold

An exceptional workshop creating sculptures from sun-dried clay, cold cast bronze and chocolate.

All three are combined to create a sensuous experience of taste, tactility, and knowledge.

Appreciation and love for sculpture are given a stimulating new dimension using the silicone rubber casting process to produce sculptures in diverse mediums.

During this enjoyable 3-day workshop, Erika will teach you the creation of a female torso sculpture 20 cm in height and the silicone rubber mold casting process.

An unforgettable experience and a feast for the senses.


The workshop will cover:

  • How to use air dry clay to sculpt a female torso figure.

  • Anatomy and proportions of a female torso

  • How to make a silicone rubber mold of your sculpture

  • How to cast a cold cast bronze sculpture  

  • How to cast a chocolate sculpture


All materials are supplied and included in the Fee

                    inclusive of premium food safe silicone rubber  

The 3 day sculpture casting workshop will take place at Erika"s studio

23 Sunset Way Cooroibah Qld 4565

On completion you will take home:

Your  air-dry ceramic torso sculpture

Your Silicone Rubber mold of your Torso Sculpture 

Your self-made Cold Cast Bronze Sculpture 

Your Chocolate Torso Sculpture 

Your Digital Instruction Booklet  


Day 1 

Creation of your Torso Sculpture 15 -20cm height 

Day 2 

Completion of your Sculpture, 

Creation of your Silicone Rubber Mold 

Casting of your Cold Cast Bronze 

Day 3 

Finishing, Sanding and Polishing of both Sculptures 

Casting of Chocolate Sculpture and Celebration


Fee includes all materials, tuition and digital instruction booklet 

Clay-tools are available for use

Cost: $ 750


Registration Information


The workshops will run for 3 consecutive days

From 10 am to 4 pm including 1 hour lunch

Lunch:  Please bring your own. Thank you

                Tea and Coffee is available 

For information, bookings, and payments please visit

 +61 413643646

Workshops fill quickly so we recommend that you call or send an email to check availability.


Payments are to be made via cash or direct transfer after confirmation of registration

On Registration please pay a deposit of $150

Deposit is refundable on cancellation 14 days prior to the workshop. 

Please pay the remaining fee 14 days prior to the workshop 

Participant Numbers per class 

To ensure that the workshops are personal and that participants get most of the experience, each class will have no more than ten students.













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