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                                                   Teaching Practice 


My teaching specialisations, Visual and Multi-Media Art; History and Geography are interwoven and feed naturally into each other. The fusion of my professional artist experience with an education setting is motivated by my love for teaching and learning. I see learning as a creative social act, where teachers and students in a process of reciprocal learning create knowledge together. Essentially, I am immensely devoted to supporting students to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals as well as active and informed citizens.


 Example of a Photography and Digital Media Student Work:

                                                                                 Stage 5 Student Advertising Poster 

Designing and implementing a Teaching Program 

For my Stage 5 Photography and Digital Media Class, I designed a teaching Program for a class consisting of mixed abilities. The Career Portfolio unit of work provides an opportunity for myself to get to know my students, their aspirations and special interests. And for my students  to design a Portfolio to reflect on their learning, to self-assess, peer-assess and to formulate a deeper understanding of the concepts they are learning and to transfer their learning to the outside world of the classroom.   

Using effective teaching strategies to integrate ICT into learning and teaching 

I integrate ICT through Google Classroom to provide students with exposure to an online learning system. My lessons and tutorials are assigned on Google Classroom, including PowerPoint Presentations, videos, Photoshop Tutorials, webpages, class announcements and tasks, and due dates. Through Google Classroom I am able to differentiate instructions for students, by assigning lessons to the whole class and to individual students. This enables me to differentiate and to teach the same concept in several ways.  Furthermore, students are involved in ongoing self-assessment, that reveals to them where they are heading in relation to the expectations and how to close their knowledge gap.

Please find my attached Stage 5 Program ( please click the link)     Click PDF

10 PDM Program Term 3 Career  Portfolio                                       


Example of a well-structured learning program: 

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