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Teaching Resume 

 My Teaching Philosophy

I am passionate about quality teaching and about having high expectations of all my students to assist them in fulfilling their highest potential. My move from the professional artist to an educational setting is motivated by my love for learning and teaching. Altogether, my experiences have taught me, that by approaching education and learning from a creative point of view, the teacher becomes a resource of new knowledge. Subsequently, broader out-looks towards curricular design and innovative pedagogical methods are possible. I am immensely devoted to supporting all students to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals as well as active and informed citizens.

As a result of my postgraduate Philosophy studies, I am a firm believer that the inclusion of philosophical inquiry in education can have positive effects on students behaviour. Philosophical inquiry encourages students to think for themselves, they may become discerning about human nature and the human condition, about politics, ethics, believe-systems, and epistemology.

I am a proponent of a mode of thinking that is interdisciplinary, and that questions any single way of understanding. My teaching specialisations, Visual and Multi-Media Art, History and Geography are interconnected and feed naturally into each other. My philosophy and methods are a product of my continual reflections on success and feedback from my teaching practice and guided by my dedication to life-long learning. I am highly committed to providing a learning environment that is both exciting and rigorous, one that empowers students in the pursuit of learning.

The educational theorists Vygotsky and Freire inform my thinking about creating choices and co-constructing knowledge. I see learning as a social act, where teachers and students in a process of reciprocal learning create knowledge together.


2017                   Bachelor of Education Secondary

                         Southern Cross University

                         Visual Arts, Multi-Media Art, History

                         and Geography


2015                 Postgraduate Degree in Philosophy

                         Griffith University

2013                 Bachelor of Arts with Honors

                         Southern Cross University

                         Majors: Cultural Studies, Multi-Media Art,

                         and Art Theory 

                         Electives: Film Studies and Animation


2018- Present   Visual Arts Teacher Wollongong High School

                            of the Performing Arts             

2017                    Banora Point High School Preservice History

                            and Commerce 

2017                    Mullumbimby High School Volunteer at

                            Special Education 

2015                    Byron Bay High School Preservice

                            History and Geography 

2015                    Murwillumbah High School Preservice 

                          Visual Art
2007                  Hermannsburg Potters Hermannsburg

                          Central Australia             
2006                  TAFE Murwillumbah Glass Casting 
2005                  TAFE Murwillumbah Glass Casting 
2005                  Adult Education Byron Bay

                          Glass Casting  
2004                  GAG Glass Studio Hong Kong

                          Glass Casting 
2004                  Brisbane Institute of Art  Brisbane

                          Glass Casting 

Skills and Abilities

Highly motivated, enthusiastic, and optimistic.

Excellent communicator in written and oral forms in both German and English.

Exceptional interpersonal skills learnt from many years of national and international art exhibition networking, teaching and from living in different cultural environments. 

Proven ability to successfully plan, sequence and implement lessons and units as shown in my Teaching Practice Page.

Excellent ability to work collaboratively as a team and engage with colleagues and improve teaching as shown in receiving Exceeding Expectations ratings in associated Standards.


My ICT literacy includes the following skills

Google Classroom


Adobe Photoshop


Desktop Publishing

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe After Effects 

Adobe Premiere Pro

Brochures and Booklets  (please click to view) 

Erika Mayer Workshop Proposal January 


The Brunswick River Ecology 


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